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We understand there is a recession and money is hard to find! We also recognise that within this type of market you need to step up your game to attract new business. We can offer all types of flexible payment methods and websites at various cost levels. You could have a website and a few pages for as little as £300. and we are happy to discuss all requirements without any obligation whatsoever!

We are happy to provide sample designs and mock-ups to ensure the clients proposed website meets their requirements, budget and aspirations.

Abcdesigning is a professional web design and hosting company that gives you a comprehensive service enabling you to derive maximum business from your website. We believe that providing you with all the help that you need in designing and hosting your website under one roof is the only way to ensure that your website works for you without you having to work for your website. To this end, Abcdesigning offers a range of related and well-rounded services that support you in ensuring that the design, performance and visibility of your website is such that it attracts and retains the right type of traffic. We focus on marketing, development, operations and client delivery.

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The services that we offer include search engine optimization, search engine submission, dynamic website design or redesign, web development, HTML email design and delivery, and creative services. We are authorized resellers of many shopping cart software providers and provide ecommerce web site design for many business types. It’s not just the range of services that we offer that sets us apart, but also the high quality of our services, giving our customers full value for their money. To ensure that our customers get the benefit of the highest quality of help in each of the above areas, we employ leading cutting edge technology. Our team of top professionals, who share a dedication for their work and actively seek opportunities for collaboration with like-minded customers and partners, ensure that the advantages of the cutting edge technology that we employ are fully exploited. This makes it possible for us to realize our ambitious plans of facilitating the success of each and every website that we host.

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We can create mobile apps and responsive website designs that look great and function correctly within mobile phones. The trail that we have blazed so far stands testimony to our claims. Each one of the numerous online stores that we have developed and launched is a success story that encourages us to pursue our dream with greater vigor and ever increasing standards of performance. No matter how small or big you are, we have a solution for you. Our clients range from those with less than ten products to those having over five thousand products with flexible payment gateways.

Our focus has always been, and will always be, the client. It is you that we concentrate on because we know that that is the only way for both of us to progress. For us at Abcdesigning, every client is important. No one is too small to be relegated to a lower of level of service. Every one of our clients is assured of the same high quality of service and supports that companies reserve for their most cherished customers – because in our lexicon, the word customer automatically includes the adjective cherished. We work on every project as if it were our first, employing the same level of enthusiasm, commitment and tenacity on each new project.

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Abcdesigning believes that innovation is one of the main vehicles that take it forward. This enables us to meet varying client requirements. At the same time, we retain a balance that allows us to handle projects that vary greatly in size. We develop prototypes for the design so that you get a chance to see what your site is going to look like before we finalize the site development.

Abcdesigning is also keenly aware of the need to keep costs down, and ensure the maximum return on your investment. To achieve this objective we have implemented cost saving measures that reduce our overheads without affecting the quality of the work in anyway. The result is that we exceed your expectations in everything except the budget.